I offer translation, proof-reading and rewriting services.


I transpose your German or English documents into French, which is my mother tongue. I endeavor to keep the original meaning of your content whilst also retaining the style, subtleties, and even connotations of the text.


I compare an already-translated text (target text) to the original (source text) to hunt out any meaning changes or inconsistencies in the translation, but also check on grammar, spelling and style in the French.


I rewrite your documents, with or without a text in the original language, to provide a more pleasant read or adapt them to a given style. This goes further than basic proof-reading which is basically “checking for mistakes”. With a rewriting service your document is fully reworked.

Translation is generally billed by the word. Proof-reading and rewriting by the hour.

Working as a translator, both as a freelancer and in-house, I’ve had the chance to use a number of different Computer Assisted Translation tools. These are usually known by the name of “CAT tools” and should not be confused with automatic translation tools (such as Google Translate or Systran, to name but the most common), even if CAT tools do often include some automatic translation functionalities.

CAT tools help to ensure consistency in terminology. In localisation they are also very useful for isolating code or tags from the actual content.

In addition to CAT tools I of course work with standard word processing and office packs as well as various quality assurance or proofreading tools (Notepad++, bug reporting tools, etc.)

Software used

Trados studio 2014
Microsoft LEAF
Translation Workspace
Red and Blue Jira

My specialisms