Video Games

French that sounds French!


I provide translations for all game–related text. This can be audio content or on–screen text, handbooks or press releases – and more! I enjoy working on all gaming genres, though as a player and translator I have a particular soft spot for role-playing games, MMOs, Real-Time Strategy games, First Person Shooters, adventure games and some particularly brilliant indie titles.

I was fortunate enough to begin my career within the localization department at Electronic Arts, and have since worked on multiple titles produced by EA as well as other leading players in the industry. This has enabled me to become highly specialized in this area of translation while working on projects that I have been truly passionate about.

One of a kind

To me, a video game is an incredible work of art that brings together a wide variety of crafts, producing an astoundingly immersive creation – more immersive than any other medium. Over time, games have become an art in their own right, developing their own reference system and culture codes, that initially only true gamers could read (“Easter eggs” or cross-game references, for instance, are a prime example) and have since attained a diversity and importance that few could have foreseen. Video games have worked their way up the cultural ladder and are now to be seen featured in contemporary art museums or cultural magazines, hospitals or books, films, and even highly respectable research papers, of which they are sometimes even the main topic. The gaming business is often cited as the world’s number one cultural industry, and no longer needs to justify itself – except perhaps to players, who are as demanding as ever.

Some games I have worked on, alone or as part of a team

For confidentiality reasons, I have not named any specific games on this page. Instead, I’ve devised a little guessing game that should put you on the track of naming some projects I’ve worked on so far. You can also click here to see a list of some games in which I am officially credited!