International organisations and NGOs

Clear, accurate documents

Arts subjects, economics, human rights issues and the European Union have always interested me. As a child, I recall filling in a sticker book on the 12 (!) European nations. I provide translations for Amnesty International and one of the main European institutions. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a people’s Europe, and have been volunteering as a translator for CaféBabel since 2002.

Over time, I have acquired an understanding of international law and deepened my knowledge of international organisations. For linguistic research on these translations I work with the standard reference tools (UNTERM, LogiTerm, Meertens), as well as any glossaries or reference documents provided by each institution.

I enjoy this particular area of translating for the contribution it enables me to make towards ideals such as bringing people of the world together, defending human rights, and generally improving the living conditions of citizens. In my own, small way, I’m helping to change the world, one step at a time.

By clicking this link  you can find some of my most recent translations for CaféBabel. I’m always excited to log on to this website and discover what new topics await me. I’ve practically worked for the webzine since it was set up and love the general vibe of it. The editorial quality is and always has been very high; the youth of the team and the genuinely pan-European contributions collected are no doubt not unrelated to this, with the somewhat impertinent, frisky tone they are written in.
I have translated many internal and external documents for Amnesty International, with a number of consistent requirements: to carefully study any reference documents provided and ensure that the finished paper blends in harmoniously with Amnesty’s usual editorial tone, whilst allowing for enough creativity to provide a pleasant read. In addition to the satisfaction of helping to improve people’s lives, I enjoy the variety of topics that these translations enable me to work on, and the broad spectrum of countries (Mexico, the USA, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Iraq…) that I’m able to learn about.