Corporate Communication

Get your message accross

If you’re a top executive, you’ll know that your communication and brand image are just as important as the products or services you’re selling. Globalization and strong competition mean that your words need to sound just right if you want to win over that extra market, or keep the competitive edge you’ve succeeded in developing. As a specialist in editorial translation, I can help you enhance your corporate image in the French-speaking markets, thanks to accurately translated, well-written documents that will catch and retain your readers’ attention whilst staying true to your original message.

I provide translations for all your communication channels


What I do to make it right: in-depth research, to ensure that the French “sounds right” and is technically accurate. I often start with your company website.

Human Resources

What I do to make it right: I make sure I “read between the lines” and strive to get a feel for your company’s internal structure and culture. HR content isn’t often something that reference material can be provided for, so I’ll put my own glossary etc. together as I go along, to ensure consistency.

Marketing / Advertising

What I do to make it right: I power up creative mode to maximum. Marketing needs to be punchy; I often offer a choice of slogans.

Political economics

What I do to make it right: I have a good understanding of general economics, which is essential in order to reword technical ideas in clear, understandable language. I make sure I keep up-to-date with my subject, through daily reading of newspapers.

Press releases

What I do to make it right: I keep it short but sweet. Intricate ideas will be rendered in a clear, attention-catching manner, that is pleasant to read yet simple.

Research paper abstracts

What I do to make it right: an abstract often contains highly technical wording that needs to be accurately rendered. Non-specialist topic-related internet content is often insufficient as a reference. I cross reference, and ask questions to clear any uncertainty.


What I do to make it right: I ensure the French is pleasant to read yet concise, and is suited to fit the original layout (a text box can’t always be stretched). I only translate subjects I feel at ease with.

White papers

What I do to make it right: I ensure I am comfortable with the terminology used in the field that I am translating, since a white paper is intended for specliast readers. At the same time, this type of document is often used a marketing tool, and should make for a pleasant read that is easy to understand. I reasearch my subject before I start translating.