Raphaël Rouby, Translator

Welcome to my website!

I have been a translator since 2003 and offer translation/localization, rewriting and proofreading services.

I translate from English and German into French, my mother tongue.
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Mes clients me font confiance

Marketing manager for France


Hi Raphaël,

It all looks good. It’s great.


Caroline Agudo

Project Manager, Exequo

I’ve been working with Raphaël for several months now and there is no doubt as to the quality of his translations. He knows how to adapt to a variety of styles and how to accurately convey the original message.

Raphaël has a very professional attitude and does not hesitate to ask questions where there is doubt, in order to provide the best translation possible. He is also very meticulous and makes relevant comments as he delivers his work, always in a timely manner.

It is a great pleasure to work with a translator like him.

An independent proofreader

An independent proofreader on a promotional brochure

Le texte cible comme le texte source sont très bien maîtrisés : en somme, un véritable plaisir en tant que relectrice.